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Letters: A Lost Art

An Online Storytelling Workshop:

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

This free mini-workshop will take you through the process of composing a personal and meaningful letter to an audience of your choosing. Whether you’re a seasoned letter writer who’s been hijacked by the the world of email and instant messaging, or a personal-letter-writing novice who’s only written a occasional thank you note or business letter, or whether you’ve never written a letter at all, this workshop is for you. Discover the lost art of letter writing and be on your way to stamping and hand-addressing an envelope that contains a little piece of you.

In this workshop, you will define the subject matter, tone, and recipient for your letter, as well as explore formatting structures and creative presentations. Expect to walk away prepared to draft a beautiful letter in one sitting.

Workshop with us live or access the replay at your convenience.

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