Our Story

For me, it’s been an intense struggle between establishing financial security — holding down a nine-to-five that builds someone else’s dreams (but returns a reliable car and occasional family vacation) — and actually doing what’s in my heart — being unconditionally available for my children (for the short time they want me around), and having the relentless drive, courage, and flexibility to be creative enough to synthesize a multi-layered concept (i.e., The Collective). How does one balance one’s need for financial security against the time-absorbing task of realizing one’s dreams?

The Collective is about realizing potential. It’s about finding balance, commonality, and synthesis among differences. It’s about harnessing those differences and presenting them in ways others can relate to.

The Collective is an aspiring community of people with different stories. It’s a workshop that inspires collaboration, creativity, and growth, and it’s a gift shop that unifies different elements to emphasize how the power of narrative binds us and empowers us to understand what’s in our hearts.

This narrative is just beginning. I invite you to become a page…or a chapter…and share what’s in your heart. Let’s do something extraordinary together.

~ s. shea

The Characters


Sara Shea

Founder & Director, The Collective Boutique, Ltd.

You’re braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.
— Winnie the Pooh

Future Workshop Facilitator

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Future Vendor Extraordinaire

Could this be you?